If wheat is sown in the kharif season, what would happen? Discuss.

The crops are of the following types depending upon the season in which they are grown:

Kharif Crops

  • The crops which are grown in the monsoon season in the month of June-September are known as Kharif crops. E.g., maize, millet, and cotton.
  • Such crops require a lot of water and hot weather for proper growth.

Rabi Crops

  • The crops grown in winter and harvested in the spring, i.e., from October to March, are called Rabi crops.
  • Wheat, gram, and mustard are some Rabi crops.
  • Such crops require a warm climate for the germination and maturation of seeds.

Growth of Wheat Crop

If wheat is sown in the Kharif season (from June to October), then the whole crop might get destroyed because of many factors such as lack of optimum temperature, adaptability, availability of pests, etc. Kharif season includes the rainy season, which is not favourable for the growth of the wheat crop. Therefore, the wheat crop should not be sown during this season.

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