In a plant, the anther contains: A) sepals B) ovules C) pistil D) Pollen grains

The anther contains pollen grains.


The part of the stamen where pollen is produced. It is a bilobed tetrasporangiate structure attached to the filament and a part of the stamen. A sepal is a unit of the calyx, the outermost whorl of the flowering plant. The sepal is the outer parts of the flower (often green and leaf-like) that enclose a developing bud. The ovule producing part of a flower is the pistil. The anthers on the flowers are an integral part of the flower’s structure that create the pollen.

  • The anthers rise high from the flower’s centre on long filaments.
  • Different flower species have varying numbers of anthers, but most have five to six anthers that circle the centre of the flower.
  • Botanists call the filaments and anthers together the stamen of the flower.
  • Anthers are grainy pods on the ends of the filaments that range in colour from light yellow to deep red.

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