In a series RLC circuit that is operating above the resonant frequency, the current A. lags the applied voltage B. leads the applied voltage C. is in phase with the applied voltage D. is zero

The capacitive and inductive reactances are equivalent at resonance. The inductive reactance will be stronger than the capacitive reactance above the resonance frequency. As a result, an RLC circuit that operates above its resonance frequency acts as a purely inductive circuit. In this circuit, the phase difference between current and voltage will be the same as in the inductive circuit.

Capacitive reactance is given by XC = 1/wC

Inductive reactance is given by XL = wL

At resonance, XL = XC

⟹ wL= 1/wC

But a frequency higher than resonance frequency, XL > XC

Like a result, at a frequency greater than the resonant frequency, the circuit behaves as an inductive circuit, with the current lagging behind the voltage.

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