In an interview conducted for 5 ABC Consulting candidates, 6 Global Ltd. candidates, 2 candidates from Avilvar company, 3 from Sona Ltd and one from Bent company, what is the probability that the candidate who would be selected is from Sona Ltd. (It is given that one candidate from Global Ltd. had not come for the interview round and one candidate from ABC Consulting got blacklisted during the interview process.​)

Answer: 1/5

Number of Candidates from ABC = Five candidates

Number of Candidates from Global LTD = Six candidates

Number of Candidates from Avilvar Company = Two candidates

Number of Candidates from SONA LTD= Three candidates

Number of Candidates from Bent Company = One candidate

The total number of candidates = 17 candidates

No of candidates disqualified or not come for interview = Two candidates

Thus the total number of qualified applicants for selection

= 17 – 2

= 15 candidates

Therefore the probability that the selected applicant is from Sona Ltd.

= 3/15

= 1/5

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