In anatropous ovule, micropyle lies _________

In anatropous ovule, micropyle lies in a straight line with funicle.


The ovule is part of the structure of the female reproductive organ in seed plants. It’s the place where female reproductive cells are produced and contained, and it is what eventually develops into a seed after fertilization, only for the seed to then ripen and produce a complete adult plant. Ovules are contained in ovaries at the bottom of a vase-like structure, the carpel, which has a neck called a style and an opening at the top, called a stigma. The body of these ovules grows at a right angle in relation to the funicle, so it seems like the ovule is lying on its side.

Micropyle and ovule location

The ovule body is turned 180 ° and micropyle comes close to the funiculus. Chalaza and micropyle lie in the straight line but hilum is at 90 °to the micropyle. The micropyle, then, is close to funiculus.

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