In chemical reactions, what is the role of energy?


In a chemical reaction, energy is used for breaking the bonds of the reactants also energy is used in formation of new bonds. So, there are two ways to produce the energy in a reaction and they are either exothermic reaction (producing energy) or endothermic reaction (consuming energy from the surroundings).

Endothermic Reactions

The word endothermic reaction refers to a reaction in which a system absorbs energy from its surroundings in the form of heat.


  • Evaporating liquids
  • Melting ice
  • Dry ice

Exothermic reactions

The exothermic reaction is the opposite of an endothermic reaction. It releases energy by light or heat to its surrounding.


  • Burning a substance
  • Reactions of fuels
  • Deposition of dry ice

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