In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with (a) A tiger. (b) A chimpanzee. (c) A spider. (d) A bacterium.

In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with a chimpanzee.


  • Humans and chimpanzees are connected since they belong to the identical order, Primates and same family, Hominidae.
  • However, a school going boy is himself a person that belongs to homo. This clearly suggests that the characteristics of a college are specifically a dead ringer for people at large.
  • Hence, in the organic process terms, we have a tendency to be specifically almost like a college boy than to a Pan troglodytes.
  • We also cannot mention that there’s a better body design as these organisms evolved to survive in the environment according to their needs.
  • If a chimpanzee has strong limbs capable of multiple actions, the bacteria can survive in extreme conditions where it is impossible for other organisms. Therefore there is no better design of the body.

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