In what ways are Terrestrial planets different from Jovian planets?

Terrestrial Planets

  • Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars (Inner Planets)
  • Size is small (about the size of the Earth)
  • They are Rocky, usually with large iron cores
  • They are having thin Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen atmosphere
  • n the solar system, these planets are closer to the sun and are therefore warmer than the planets located farther out in the solar system.

Jovian Planets

  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Outer Planets)
  • Their size is large (about 10 times the size of the Earth)
  • More than one hundred satellites most made primarily of ice
  • Scientists have found more than 100 Jovian planets around other stars.
  • They are sometimes called gas giants because they are large and made mostly of gases.

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