In which of the following, functional group isomerism is not possible? A.Alcohols B.Aldehyde C.Alkyl halides D.Cyanides

Answer: (c) Alkyl halides


Alcohols and ethers are functional group isomers. The hydroxyl group, – OH, is the functional group in alcohols, whereas the R1 – O – R2 group is the functional group in ethers. Alkyl groups are represented by the symbols R1 and R2. They also represent the rest of the molecule’s structure. The alkyl groups might be same or dissimilar. The chemical has a hydroxyl group and is not an ether if one of the alkyl groups is hydrogen.Aldehydes are functional group isomers with ketones.

  • Aldehydes as well as ketones have the carbonyl group – C = O . In case of aldehydes, the functional group is attached to one or two hydrogens and in case of ketones, the functional group is attached to two carbon atoms.
  • Cyanides are functional isomers with isocyanides as they both have the same molecular formula but different functional groups – CN and – NC respectively.

Alkyl halides do not have any functional group isomers as there is only one way to attach a halogen to a carbon atom via a single bond.

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