Is dolphin a mammal?

The dolphin is an aquatic mammal. And like other mammals, dolphins are warm-blooded and breathe with the help of the lungs. Dolphins are also highly social animals, often found in groups called pods. At least a dozen dolphins will be found in a single pod. Dolphin calves have hair like on their rostrum when they are born, which falls out soon after birth. Female dolphins have mammary glands that produce milk even while gestating.

Dolphins have torpedo-shaped bodies, with the tail fin used for propulsion. They move the body and tail fin vertically, unlike fishes which move them horizontally. Like mammals, dolphins give birth to live young, but unlike (most) other mammals, a dolphin gives birth to a calf, tail first. They are able to exchange 80% of the air in their lungs with each breath, while humans are only capable of exchanging 17%.

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