Is it possible for you to recognize leaves without seeing them? How?

Yes. We can recognize leaves without seeing them. You can look for the type of roots of the plant and identify the type of leaf. If the plant has fibrous roots, its leaves have parallel venation, and if the plant has tap roots, its leaves have reticulate venation.

Parallel venation

When veins (or the nerves) are arranged parallel to one another all over the leaf blade or lamina is called parallel venation. The veins’ orientation is parallel to one another in parallel venation Banana, bamboo, wheat, grasses, and maize are few examples of the parallel venation.

Reticulate venation

Veins in reticulate venation show network or web-like arrangement all over the leaf blade or lamina. In reticulate venation, the veins produce a network or web-like structure. Reticulate venation is seen in dicot plants like mango, hibiscus, ficus, etc.

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