Is zero a rational number? Justify your answer.

Answer: Zero is an example of a rational number.

Rational numbers are represented in p/q form where q is not equal to zero. It is also a type of real number. Any fraction with non-zero denominators is a rational number. So we can say that ‘0’ is also a rational number since it can represent it in many forms of 0/1, 0/2, 0/3, etc.

  • The set of rational numbers include positive, negative numbers, and zero and can be expressed as a fraction.
  • -2 is an example of a negative rational number.
  • If numerator and denominator are of opposite signs then it is known as negative rational numbers.
  • All negative rational numbers are less than 0.
  • The greater the value of the numeral component in the case of negative rational numbers, the lower the number value.

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