Kirchhoff's first law is based on?

Kirchhoff’s first law states that the sum of the currents meeting at a junction in a closed circuit is zero.

  • Kirchhoff’s first law says that no charge can be accumulated at a junction which implies conservation of charge.
  • Kirchhoff’s second law states that the energy liberated in the circuit comes from the battery, implying energy conservation.

Kirchhoff’s Current Law

Kirchhoff’s Current Law or KCL states that the total current or charge entering a junction or node is exactly equal to the charge leaving the node as it has no other place to go except to leave, as no charge is lost within the node.

Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law

Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law, or KVL, states that in any closed-loop network, the total voltage around the loop is equal to the sum of all the voltage drops within the same loop, which is also equal to zero.

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