Ks?p of AgCl is 1�10?10. Its solubility in 0.1MKNO3? will be:(1) 10-5 moles/litre(2) >10-5 moles/litre(3) <10-5 moles/litre(4) None of the above

Answer: (1)

Consider a reaction
AgCl(s) → Ag+(aq) + Cl(aq)
KSP = [Ag+][Cl]/[AgCl]
KSP = s2 = 1×10-10
s = 10-5

KNO3 →K++NO3

Since there is no common ions in the addition of nitric acid. Therefore it has no effect on the overall solubility of the AgCl.

∴ Solubility = 10-5

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