Lead is unaffected by water because_______


Lead is unaffected by water because of formation of a protective oxide film.

Lead (Pb)

Lead is an element of the periodic table with an atomic number of 82. The element is present in various minerals in minute quantities excluding sulphide and lead glance(PBS) which is used to produce the metal around the world.

Facts to know about lead

  • The metal element is toxic to humans and will target critical internal organs, causing lead poisoning in a number of cases.
  • Organ and brain development in young children are said to be affected by the metal.
  • Lead is one of a handful of elements that have been known to humans since from the ancient times; as a result, it was never formally discovered. Lead was considered one of the oldest metals by alchemists.

Because a protective oxide film represented as PbO (Lead oxide) develops over lead when it comes into contact with water, it remains unaffected.

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