Like alkali metals hydrogen also forms____________

Like alkali metals, hydrogen also forms oxides, halides and sulphides.


Hydrogen is the smallest and the lightest of all elements having atomic number 1 and atomic weight of 1.008. It is mostly found in the form of a gas and is colourless, odourless but flammable.

Hydrogen forms oxides, halides and sulphides

Hydrogen forms oxides, halides and sulphides due to the following reasons

  • Hydrogen resembles I A group Alkali metals and VII-A group halogens.
  • Both the alkali metals and hydrogen have one electron in their valence shell.
  • Hydrogen and elements of the I A group shows the same outer configuration ns1
  • Halides of hydrogen undergo ionization in an aqueous solution, similar to alkali metal halides.
  • Hydrogen donates its outer electron to form oxides, halides and sulphides.


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