List a few examples of environmental degradation that you may have observed around you

Environmental degradation is one of the serious problem on going in our world only because of the human beings. Our environment is being threatened by the people around. Some degradation are

Air pollution


ozone layer depletion

Plastic contamination

  • Air Pollution: It is one of the major problem that we are facing nowadays. Air is being polluted by the smoke produced by vehicles and also burning of plastic etc. The dangerous gases like carbon monoxide which has been released from the burning of plastic causes serious diseases like cancer.
  • Deforestation: Trees are very essential for the life, but none of them cares about that. Human beings never show kind to the trees, and they will cut for their own things. o many acers of forest land are been converted to construction sites. This is damaging the homes of flora and fauna in and around the area.
  • Ozone layer depletion: The layer which is being earth is protected by is called ozone. The world scientists had come together to warn the human beings about the harmful effects of ozone depletion due to these pollutions. But still the things are moving on.
  • Plastic Contamination: This is one of the world’s leading problems where the usage of plastic increasing and thus causing danger to the living organisms. his is also casuing an indirect effect on human throught the water we drink as “Micro Plastics”.

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