List examples of positive and negative ligands?

Positive ligands Negative ligands
  • Nitrosyl (nitrosyl), NO+
  • Cycloheptatrienyl (heptahaptocycloheptatrienyl), η7−C7H+7
  • Nitrosyl (nitrosyl), NO
  • Chloride (chloro), Cl−
  • Isothiocyanate (isothiocyanato), N=C=S−
  • Superoxide (superoxo), O2-
  • Cyanide (cyano), −CN

The ions or molecules which surround a metal ion or metal atom are called ligands. They are attached to central metal atom or central metal ion by co-ordinate bond.

  • The negative ligands whose names end with ‘ide’ have this suffix replaced by ‘O’.

Ex. Cl (chloro) , CN (cyano), Br (bromo) , O (oxo), OH (hydroxo)

  • The name of positive ligand ends with ‘ium’.

NH2NH3+ (hydrazinium), NO2+ (nitronium), NO+ (nitrosonium).

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