List few properties of benzene diazonium chloride.


Diazonium salts are one of the most versatile combinations of organic and inorganic components. Its general way of representation is R−N+2X. The R is an organic group, generally an aryl group while X represents an ion. Generally, diazonium salts have Cl, Br, BF4, as X. The name of these salts is based on the presence of the N+2 group or the diazonium group.

Properties of Diazonium Salts

  1. They are ionic in nature.
  2. They are water-soluble.
  3. Aryl diazonium salts are colourless crystalline solids.
  4. Benzenediazonium chloride is soluble in water but reacts with it only when warmed.
  5. Benzenediazonium fluoroborate is not soluble in water. It is pretty stable at room temperature.
  6. Readily soluble in water and gives azo dye test.

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