List out the consequences of deforestration

Deforestation can be defined as the large-scale removal of trees from forests (or other lands) for the facilitation of human activities.

consequences of deforestation:

1. An increase in the carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the atmosphere Forests serves as a carbon sink by absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, deforestation is a direct contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

2. Effect on Biodiversity The clearing of forest land can cause a decline in the population of certain species. Soil Erosion Trees tend to bind their roots to the soil bedrock, thereby reinforcing the soil. As a consequence of deforestation, the soil becomes vulnerable to erosion. Deforestation of sloped lands is often accompanied by landslides, which can be explained by the loss of soil adhesion due to the absence of trees.

3. Effect on humans

Reduction in the availability of wood for heating and cooking purposes.

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