Difference Between Zygote And Embryo

In general, the zygote is the stage that is succeeded by an embryo.

The word Zygote is derived from the Greek word ‘zygotos’ which refer to yoked. The word Embryo is derived from a Latin word ’embryum’ which refer to grows. The mitosis of the zygote results in the formation of the embryo.

Difference between and Zygote and Embryo

Zygote Embryo
The term zygote is from Greek word ‘zygotos’ which means to ‘join’ The term embryo is from Latin work ’embryum’ which means ‘that which grows’
Zygote is unicellular Embryo is multicellular
The process of formation of zygote is known as fertilization The process of formation of embryo is known as embryogenesis
In medical terms, zygote is known as zygocyte In medical terms, embryo is known as diploid eukaryote

Both zygote and embryo are the parts of different stages of human development. These stages of human development are given below:

  • Zygotic stage: The formation of zygote takes place when there is a fusion between the male gamete, sperm and the female gamete, egg.
  • Blastocyst stage: After the formation of zygote, the zygote begins to divide into solid ball of cell. This ball of cell is hollow and is known as blastocyst which gets attached to the lining of the mother’s uterus.
  • Embryonic stage: During this stage, embryo formation takes place along with the formation of internal organs such as brain, heart, and spinal cord. External features such as arms and legs too start to develop.
  • Fetal stage: The stage after the formation of embryo, the organism starts to grow more and is known as fetus. This stage helps in differentiating the structures.

Embryo Development

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