List the different parts of flower.

A complete flower is the one that consists of sepals, petals, stamens and pistil. On the contrary, an incomplete flower is the one that lacks one or more of these structures.

A complete flower consists of two different parts:

  • Vegetative Part
  • Reproductive Part

Parts of flower

A flower consists of sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils. A stamen has two parts called the anther and the filament. A pistil has three parts called the stigma, style, and ovary.

Vegetative Parts of a Flower

The vegetative part of a flower consists of the following:

  • Petals
  • Sepals

Reproductive parts of flower

The reproductive parts of a flower consist of the following:

  • Stamen
  • Anther
  • Filament
  • Pistil
  • Stigma
  • Style
  • Ovary

Diagrammatic representation of parts of a flower

Parts of the flower

The different parts of a flower

Flowers reproduce by a process called pollination. In this process, the male gametes are transferred to the female ovules where fertilization occurs and ovules grow into seeds within a fruit. All the parts of a flower has its own vital function.


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