List the four intermolecular forces

Ion-ion interactions, dipole-dipole interactions, hydrogen bonding, London dispersion forces are the four basic intermolecular forces. 

  1. Ion-ion interactions – The interactions between ions (ion-ion interactions) are the easiest to understand: they repel each other like charges and attract opposite charges. Such Coulombic forces act in the gas phase over relatively long distances.
  2. Dipole-dipole interactions – Dipole-dipole interactions describe the miscibility of polar solvents and their interactions resulting in characteristic parameters like melting points, boiling points, etc.
  3. Hydrogen bonding – Hydrogen bonding is a special type of attraction dipole-dipole between molecules, not a covalent bond to an atom of hydrogen.

London dispersion forces – Extremely weak attractive forces between atoms or molecules caused by the electrostatic attraction between temporary induced dipoles.

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