Majoritarianism constitution was adopted by A) Belgium B) India C) Sri Lanka D) Pakistan

Majoritarianist constitution was adopted by


Option c Srilanka


Sri Lanka emerged as an independent country in 1948. The Sinhala community was in the majority so they had formed the government. These steps taken by the government gradually increased the feeling of isolation among the Sri Lankan Tamils. Sri Lankan Tamils believed that constitution and government policies denied them equal political rights, discriminated against them in getting jobs and other opportunities and ignored their interests. The relationship between the Sinhala and Tamil communities become weak. Sri Lankan Tamils started parties and struggles for the recognition of Tamil as an official language, for provincial autonomy and equality of opportunity in securing education and jobs. But their request was repeatedly denied by the government. As a result, thousands of people of both the associations have been killed. Many families were compelled to leave the country as refugees and many more lost their livelihoods.

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