Management is both sciences as well as an art. Explain this statement.

Management can be recognised as both an art as well as science. Let us know why it is considered as both science and art.

Management as Art

  • Management has a well-defined literature which is needed for gathering knowledge in the theories and accelerate learning.
  • There are several examples of management literature which is available such as Taylors Scientific Management Theory and Henry Fayol’s 14 principles of Management. These theories help in learning the various concepts of management.
  • Management knowledge can be employed by everyone in their own way, very much like arts where words can be expressed in form of writing differently by different poets, and music notes arranged by musicians to present a musical piece, or the use of colours by a painter to draw vivid paintings.
  • Furthermore, managers use the various theories and principles in tackling situations to make use of management knowledge.
  • Arts is all regarding communicating and innovating using creativity such as two artists will enact the same scene in two different ways. Similarly, two distinct managers will be managing the situation differently. Sometimes managers can come up with innovative and fresh ideas to address the situation.

Management as Science

  • Science is a methodical discipline and management also shares similar features.
  • Like science, management also relies upon theories and principles to address issues that arise.
  • Management has a separate glossary and terms which it uses to define certain processes.
  • Theories in science have been developed after a prolonged observation and repeated experiments, similarly to some extent management also bases its theories on regular observation and experiments, such theories will act as guidelines for management in the long run.
  • Scientific theories have universal legality, and in management also we see the principles are to some extent universally valid, and some can change as per the circumstances.
  • Such theories and principles can be used as basic knowledge for instructing the managers.

Hence Management is an aggregate of both art and science.

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