Mention one adaptation present in the following animals. (a) In camels to keep their bodies away from the heat of the sand. (b) In frogs to enable them to swim. (c) In dolphins and whales to breathe in the air when they swim near the surface of the water.

(a) The body structures of camels help them to survive in deserts. They have long legs that keep their body away from the hot sand. Due to their long legs, their body remains at a fair distance from the sand. Also, the camels do not sweat.

(b) Frogs can live both on land and in water. They have certain adaptations for aquatic habitat. They have webbed feet that help them to swim in water. Webbed feet reduce resistance while movement.

(c) Since dolphins and whales do not possess lungs for breathing, they breathe through their nostrils or blowholes that are present on the upper part of their head. They swim near the surface of water and breathe in air. This enables them to stay inside water for a long time without breathing.

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