Mond process is used for refining of?

Ludwig Mond invented the Mond process in the year 1890. This technique is also known as the carbonyl process because it involves the rapid and reversible reaction of carbon monoxide with nickel to produce nickel tetracarbonyl. Nickel is extracted and purified using this method.

Nickel oxides are converted to high-purity nickel metal in this procedure.

Three phases are included in the Mond nickel extraction process:

In the first step, syngas (a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas) is mixed with nickel oxide at 200°C, along with iron and cobalt impurities.

NiO(s) + H2(g) → Ni(s) + H2O(g)

In the next process, the carbon monoxide reacts with impure nickel to form nickel tetracarbonyl, the impurities will remain as solids.

Ni(s) + 4CO(g)− → Ni(CO)4(g)

Then the mixture of syngas and nickel carbonyl is heated. This results in the decompositions back to carbon monoxide and nickel.

Ni(CO)4(g)→ Ni(s) + 4CO(g)

Pure Nickel is collected, and carbon monoxide is recycled to continue the process.

As this process can be used to extract and purify Nickel.

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