Name the angles in the given figure:


Name the angles in the given figure

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There are four angles in the given figure. They are ∠A or ∠BAD, ∠B or ∠ABC, ∠C or ∠BCD and ∠D or ∠ADC.


An angle is formed when two rays are joined together at a common point.

  • The line segment AD and AB meet at point A, which forms the  ∠A or ∠BAD.
  • The line segment BC and AB meet at point B, which forms  ∠B or ∠ABC,
  • The line segmentBC and CD meet at point C, which forms ∠C or ∠BCD
  • The line segment DC and AD meet at point D, which forms ∠D or ∠ADC.

Hence, The names of the angles present in the given figure are ∠A or ∠BAD, ∠B or ∠ABC, ∠C or ∠BCD and ∠D or ∠ADC.

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