Name the common biofertilizers used in organic farming.


The common biofertilizers used in organic farming are nitrogen fixing bacteria and cyanobacteria.

What is Biofertilizer?

Biofertilizers are microbe-containing substances that assist in the development of plant and tree growth by increasing the supply of essential nutrients to the plants. Mycorrhizal fungi, blue-green algae, and bacteria are among the living species found in it. Mycorrhizal fungi preferentially withdraw minerals from organic matter for the plant whereas cyanobacteria are characterized by the property of nitrogen fixation.

Types of Biofertilizers

The following are the important types of biofertilizers,

  1. Symbiotic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria
  2. Loose Association of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria
  3. Symbiotic Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacteria
  4. Free-Living Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria

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