Name the deficiency diseases caused due to deficiency of (i) Iodine (ii) Vitamin B2 (iii) Vitamin D (iv) Fluorine (v) Vitamin C (vi) Vitamin A (vii) Vitamin B12 (viii) Iron

(i) Iodine – Goitre, enlarged thyroid gland
(ii) Vitamin B2 – retarded growth, bad skin
(iii) Vitamin D – Rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults
(iv) Fluorine – dental caries and possibly osteoporosis
(v) Vitamin C – Scurvy
(vi) Vitamin A – Night blindness and Xerophthalmia
(vii) Vitamin B12 – Pernicious Anaemia
(viii) Iron – Microcytic Anaemia

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