Name the last Viceroy of India. State any one of the provisions of the Indian Independence Act of 1947.

Lord Mountbatten was the last viceroy of the British Indian Empire and the first Governor-General of independent India. Lord Mountbatten has some plans and provisions for the development of India. On the midnight of 14th and 15th August in the year 1947, the dominions of Pakistan and India respectively came into existence and started their journey of independent countries.

Plans and provisions of Lord Mountbatten

  • British India was planned to be partitioned into two dominions that is India and Pakistan.
  • It was decided that the constitution framed by the Constituent Assembly would not be applicable to the Muslim-majority areas (as these would become Pakistan).
  • As per the plan, the legislative assemblies of Bengal and Punjab met and cast their vote for the partition. As per the plan, it was decided to partition these two provinces along religious aspects.
  • The legislative assembly of Sind had the capacity to decide whether to join the Indian constituent assembly or not. Finally, it decided to go with Pakistan.
  • A referendum was scheduled and was held on NWFP (North-Western Frontier Province) to decide which dominion to join. Later on NWFP decided to join Pakistan while Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan boycotted and rejected the referendum.
  • The date for the transfer of power was decided to be August 15, 1947.
  • To corner the international boundaries between the two countries, the Boundary Commission was established by Sir Cyril Radcliffe who was the chairperson of the committee. The commission was to divide Bengal and Punjab into the two new countries.
  • Until the time the new constitutions came into power, the Governor-General would assent any law passed by the constituent assemblies of the dominions in His Majesty’s name. The Governor-General was considered as the constitutional head.

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