Name the long part of neuron.

Axon is the longest part of the neuron.

Basic parts of a Neuron

Neurons (also called neurones or nerve cells) are the brain and nervous system’s fundamental units, the cells responsible for receiving sensory input. Neurons are made up of three major parts:

  • a cell body, or soma, which contains the nucleus of the cell and keeps the cell alive ;
  • a branching treelike fibre is known as the dendrite, which collects information from other cells and sends the information to the soma ;
  • A long, segmented fibre known as the axon transmits information away from the cell body toward other neurons or to the muscles and glands.

A neurotransmitter is a chemical that relays signals across the synapses between neurons. Neurotransmitters travel across the synaptic space between the terminal button of one neuron and other neurons’ dendrites.

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