Name the tissue responsible for movement in our body

The muscular tissue is responsible for movement in our body.


The tissue responsible for movement in our body is muscular tissue. Structurally, muscular tissue is elongated and are made up of several fibres of muscle cells. Muscle tissue is soft tissue. Hence, it can contract and expand. This is why muscles can aid movement in our body. There are three types of muscle tissues in our body. They are as follows:

Cardiac muscle

Cardiac muscle forms the contractile walls of the heart. The cells of cardiac muscle, known as cardiomyocytes, also appear striated under the microscope. The cardiac muscle pumps blood through the body and is under involuntary control.

Smooth muscle

Smooth muscle tissue contraction is responsible for involuntary movements in the internal organs. It forms the contractile component of the digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems and the airways and blood vessels.

Skeletal muscle

Skeletal muscle is attached to bones, and its contraction makes possible locomotion, facial expressions, posture, and other voluntary movements of the body. Skeletal muscle tissue is arranged in bundles surrounded by connective tissue.

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