On a hot day, Aslam takes a bottle of cold-drink from the refrigerator and places it on a table. Within minutes, some drops of water appear on the outer surface of the bottle. As the water drops accumulate, they trickle down the surface of the bottle. Name the processes of the water cycle that are demonstrated in the events observed by Aslam.

The process by which water vapour is cooled into water is called condensation. The temperature outside the refrigerator is warmer compared to the temperature inside. When a cold bottle is taken out from the refrigerator, the water vapour present in the room surrounding the bottle condenses and form droplets of water on the surface of the bottle. This is called condensation. When these water drops become heavy, they begin to trickle down the surface of the bottle and fall on the table. This process of the falling of water is called precipitation.
The correct answer is B.

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