On what basis are the biomes identified?

An extensive ecosystem on land having distinct types of vegetation and animal life is called a biome. The biomes are identified based on plants.

What is a biome?

A biome is a large community of vegetation and wildlife adapted to a specific climate. There are five major types of biomes: aquatic, grassland, forest, desert, and tundra, though some of these biomes can be further divided into more specific categories, such as freshwater, marine, savanna, tropical rainforest, temperate rainforest, and taiga.

  • The aquatic biome consists of any part of Earth that is covered with water. This includes freshwater and saltwater.
  • The forest biome is the largest and has various plants, trees, animals, insects, and microscopic organisms.
  • The desert biome has one major distinguishing characteristic, the fact that it has very little vegetation.
  • Tundra biomes are the coldest places on Earth. The grassland biome is made of rolling hills of various grasses.

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