One litre of co2 is passed through red hot coke. The volume becomes 1.4 litres at same temperature and pressure. The composition of the products is ____.


One liter of CO2 is passed through red to coke

The volume becomes 1.4 liters at the same temperature and pressure

We need to find the composition of the product


The equation for this reaction can be represented as

CO2 + C → 2CO
1v 1v 2v

Let x liter of CO2 give 2x liter of CO

Hence remaining volume of CO2 = (1-x)

Total volume = 1.4 liters (Given)

(1-x) + 2x = 1.4

1+x= 1.4

x= 0.4 liter

As CO = 2x

= 2×0.4

CO = 0.8 lit

Volume of CO2 = 1.4- 0.8

= 0.6 lit

The composition of the product is 0.8 liters of CO and 0.6 liters of CO2

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