Why do organisms look similar?

The organisms belonging to the same species look similar. We have seen that we get confused when we see twins, or sometimes cats and dogs with the same colour and features.

Reason: Organisms looks similar

All organisms are made up of cells. Few organisms are unicellular and few are multicellular. The cell contains a nucleus, which transfers the genetic information to the next upcoming generation in the form of DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid). The fundamental process of reproduction is DNA replication.

  • When a reproducing cell initiates division, it principally starts to make a replica of its DNA. This replica will be separated from the original DNA. Since a DNA can’t build up an organism all by itself, the cell also divides into two and so on. We get a cell with new DNA.
  • As per the DNA codes, the proteins are made in the new cell. Consequently, the cell evolves as a new individual which looks similar to the original cell. These two cells might look similar in their body designs and physiology, but they are not identical.


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