Out Of Two Bulbs 50W And 100W, Which One Will Grow Brighter If (Sat) Connected In Series And When Connected In Parallel?

As given,

The resistance of 50W rated bulb is much more than that of the 100W bulb

Resistance is given by:

 \( R = \frac{V^{2}}{P}\)

The total current in the circuit in series is given by

 \( I = \frac{V}{R_{s}}\)

Where \( R_{s} = R_{A} + R_{B}\)

As there is a flow of the same current through each bulb when connected in series,50W bulb will glow brighter as power, 

 \( P = I^{2}R. \)It is more in the case of a 50W bulb.

Similarly, when the bulbs are connected in parallel, 100W, the bulb will be much brighter as power, 

 \( P = \frac{V^{2}}{R}.\) It is more in the case of a 100W bulb.

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