Paheli is running short of connecting wires. To complete an electric circuit, she may use a (a) glass bangle (b) thick thread (c) rubber pipe (d) steel spoon

Glass bangle, thick thread and rubber pipe metal all are non-metal while steel spoon is a metal thing. And we know that only metals conduct electricity that’s why they are conductors and non-metals do not conduct electricity that is why they are insulators. Glass, thread and rubber are insulators and steel spoon is a conductor. Hence, insulators does not allow the current to flow. 

Materials that permit electricity or heat to pass through it Materials that do not permit heat and electricity to pass through it
A few examples of a conductor are silver, aluminum, and iron A few examples of an insulator are paper, wood, and rubber
Electrons move freely within the conductor Electrons do not move freely within the insulator
The electric field exists on the surface but remains zero on the inside The electric field doesn’t exist

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