Physics Questions

Physics is one of the branches of Science and also the most fundamental scientific disciplines. Physics helps in understanding everyday activities such as answering questions like why the sky is blue, what makes us walk easily on roads, why is it important to have a moon, etc.

From the above-mentioned examples, it becomes clear that Physics concentrates in explaining the behaviour of the universe, force, and matter and their effects. Physics has helped in developing new technologies and in many inventions.

Physics as a subject is further divided into branches which include Modern Physics, Classical mechanics, Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Electromagnetism, and Optics. These branches are further divided into sub-topics and most of these topics are covered in school syllabus. 

Class 11 includes concepts like Units and measurements, Kinematics, Gravitation, Oscillation and Waves, Thermodynamics, Laws of Motion, Work, Power, Energy, and Particle movement. 

Class 12 includes concepts such as Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Optics, Current electricity, Electrostatics, Dual nature of radiation, and Electronic devices. 

All p orbitals are dumb-bell in shape.
White light is considered to be polychromatic in nature because it consists of light having several different wavelengths or 7 colours.
A short circuit occurs when the current in the circuit increases heavily.
The to and fro or back and forth motion of a membrane is called its vibration.
Planets are much closer to the earth and are seen as extended sources. So, a planet may be considered as a collection of a large number of
Any attempt to construct a model of the atom must start from two experimental facts. First, the atom is electrically neutral. Second, it appears
Tin occurs mainly as cassiterite, SnO2.
½ a t2 has the dimension of length since the dimension of acceleration is L/T2 and multiplying it by T2 leaves us with the dimension of length.
The near point of the eye is the minimum distance of the object from the eye, which can be seen distinctly without strain. For a normal human
Wind energy farms can be established only at those places where wind blows for the greater part of a year. The wind speed should also be higher

We know that all these concepts have major questions that are covered in textbooks which are either descriptive or problematic. Here, at BYJU’S students will find questions that are descriptive as well as concept based. Questions explained here includes examples, properties, principles, types, and definitions.

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