Polycot is a mixture of __________. (a) Cotton and nylon (b) Polyester and nylon (c) Polyester and cotton (d) Wool and polyester

Answer: (c) Polyester and cotton

Polycot is obtained by mixing polyester and cotton. Polycot is popular polyester used in textile manufacturing units. It is prepared in the laboratory. Cotton is obtained from natural resources such as plants, and whereas polyester is made in a laboratory from coal.

  • The percentage ratio varies as 65 % cotton and 35% polyester is the most common. However, 50/50 blends are also easily found.
  • The blend is designed to afford the advantages of both the cotton and polyester fibres into one fabric.

Uses of polycot

  • It is used to make cloth storage containers.
  • In the creation of liners for pieces of luggage.
  • Used to make jewellery boxes.
  • It is used for producing doll clothing.

For More Information On Synthetic and Natural Polymers, Watch The Below Videos:

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