Power alcohol is a mixture of (1) 80% petrol + 20% benzene + small quantity of ethanol(2) 80% petrol + 20% ethanol + small quantity of benzene(3) 80% ethanol + 20% benzene + small quantity of petrol(4) 50% petrol + 50% ethanol + small quantity of benzene

Answer: (2)

Power alcohol is a liquid mixture containing 80% petrol, 20% ethanol and a small amount of benzene. It is useful in the field of automobiles to generate energy for its operations. Various types of fuels are utilised in fuel engines. Alcohol is also mixed with gasoline in small amounts to gain some advantages. The blend of absolute alcohol and petrol (20:80) is referred to as power alcohol. As a result, it is employed as a vehicle fuel. Power alcohol has a good anti-knocking properties and a very high octane number of 90.

  • Ethyl alcohol can be easily created by fermentation and other similar techniques. It’s also produced as a by-product in a lot of reactions. Petrol, on the other hand, is made from crude oils, and because crude oil is a restricted source of energy, its prices are also very expensive. Crude oils are not widely available. As a result, the addition of absolute alcohol will lower the cost of fuel.
  • Because power alcohol contains oxygen atoms, it aids the full burning of gasoline in the engine and prevents the creation of hazardous CO gas.

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