Presence of undesirable solid or gaseous particles in the air promotes:

The presence of undesirable solid or gaseous particles in the air promotes tropospheric pollution.


The presence of undesirable solids or gaseous components in the air causes tropospheric pollution. The pollutants can be classified as:

Gaseous pollutants

Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, hydrocarbons, ozone and other oxidants fall under this category. Let us have a deeper look at each pollutant:

  • a . Oxides of sulphur – When fossil fuel is burnt, oxides of sulphur are produced. Sulphur dioxide is poisonous in nature
  • b. Hydrocarbons – They are formed by incomplete combustion of fuels. They are carcinogenic that is cause cancer.

Particulate matter

Minute solid particles or liquid droplets suspended in air are called particulate matter. There are two types of particulates namely, viable and non-viable. Minute living organisms such as bacteria and fungi, which are dispersed in the atmosphere are known as viable particulates. Non-viable particulates are classified according to the size and nature of particulates.

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