Pusa Lerma is an improved variety of which grain?

Pusa Lerma is an improved variety of wheat

Classes of wheat

Hard Red Winter

Hard Red Winter has its roots firmly planted in the Great Plains (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska) and is scattered a bit in other states. It’s extremely versatile wheat that is great for bread and all-purpose flour.

Hard Red Spring

Hard Red Spring comes primarily from the Northern States (Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota). Sometimes referred to as the “aristocrat of wheat,” it’s great for designer bread, bagels, croissants and more.

Soft Red Winter

Soft Red Winter is found mostly east of the Mississippi River. For you cookie monsters out there, this is the wheat for you! It’s great for cookies, crackers, pretzels and pastries.

Soft White

West Coast represent! Soft White Wheat calls the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon and Idaho) it’s home. This wheat creates mouth-watering cakes, pastries and Middle Eastern flatbreads.

Hard White

This is the newest class of U.S. wheat! Hard white shares its territory with Hard Red Winter wheat but is grown on a much smaller scale. This class is great for Asian Noodles, tortillas and flatbreads.

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