Read the features of plants given below. (a) Thick waxy stem (b) Short roots (c) Cone-shaped plants (d) Sloping branches (e) Small or spine-like leaves (f) Hollow stem Choose the type of plant for every feature given in a, b, c, d, e and f from the list given: Aquatic plant, Desert plant, Mountainous plant

(a) Thick waxy stem – Desert plant

The thick waxy coating on the stem of desert plants helps to retain water

(b) Short roots – aquatic plant

In aquatic plants, roots are much reduced and do not play a role in water absorption. Their main role is to hold the plant in place.

(c) Cone shaped plants – Mountainous plant

The cone shape of plants helps the rainwater and snow to slide off easily from the plant.

(d) Sloping branches – Mountainous plant

The sloping branches help the rainwater and snow to slide off easily from the trees.

(e) Small or spine-like leaves – Desert plant

The reduced leaves of desert plants help to reduce loss of water through transpiration and thereby conserve water.

(f) Hollow stem – Aquatic plant

The stems of some aquatic plants are hollow and light so that they grow and reach up to the surface of water.

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