Relationship between Force and other units

The push or pull on an object is called force.  According to the universal law of gravitation, every object in this universe exerts a force on others.

The force can be represented by following notations

  • Symbol of Force: F
  • Type of quantity: Vector quantity
  • Dimensional Formula: M1L1T-2

Unit of force

Force can be expressed in various systems of units. Internationally, many prefer to use a single system called SI unit for measuring force. The SI unit recognized for the measurement of force is Newton.

The SI unit of force is Newton (kg m / s2)

Force can be expressed in other units as well. In the metric system, the force is estimated in kilogram and is denoted by the symbol kgf. However, there are also measuring systems called the cgs system. In the CGS unit of force, it is measured in dynes and is denoted as gf.

The table given below shows the various units of force

Unit Abbreviation Equivalent Newton Unit
Dyne dyn 10-5N
Gram – force gf 9.80665 mN
Poundal pdl 138.2550 mN
Pound force lbf 4.448222 N
Kilogram-force kgf 9.80665 mN

For more detail study about force refer

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