Rocket Can Move In Air Free Space, But Jet Planes Cannot. Why?

We have seen rockest moving in air-free space but not jet planes. Have you ever wondered the reason behind this? Let us explore the reason behind this.

Working principle

Jet engines and rockets work on the same principle. The principle is simple. Both mix air and fuel to ignite a combustion, which will then press on every side of the engine except for the exhaust in the back, because one can’t push against a hole.

Why rocket can move in air-free space?

A rocket is a spacecraft, missile, aircraft or other means that obtains thrust from a rocket engine. The engine exhaust is formed entirely from propellant carried within the rocket before use. A rocket is self-sufficient, as inside the rocket both the oxygen and the fuel needed to burn the fuel are available. Hence, a rocket can move in air-free space.

Why jet planes cannot move in air-free space?

Contrarily, jet has only fuel. It takes oxygen from the atmosphere to burn the fuel. Jet engines have two openings one as an intake and another an exhaust nozzle. Hence, a jet plane cannot operate in an air-free space.

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