Runner (stems) are usually found in ______. (a) Grasses (b) Epiphytes (c) Climbers (d) Twiners

Runner (stems) are usually found in (a) Grasses


Runners are the stems which usually grow in a horizontal form above the ground. They have the nodes where the buds are formed. These buds usually grow into a new plant.


Listed below are few features of Runner stems

  • It is a creeper that runs horizontally on the surface of the soil.
  • The nodes have scale leaves, adventitious roots, and auxiliary buds.
  • Runners arise from the auxiliary buds. A large number of runners are produced by a mother runner in all the directions.
  • Runners break off and grow into an independent plant giving rise to vegetative propagation.
  • Example C-Cynodon. An underground runner is known as sobole

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