Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP) aims at ______

Rural Employment Generation Program mainly aims at self-employment opportunities in small towns and villages. It is a scheme initiated by the Central Government of India.

Who initiated the scheme of REGP?

The Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) launched and initiated the Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP) scheme on 1st April, 1995. They generated job opportunities for around two million job seekers under the KVI sector in the rural areas of the country.


  • Generation and expansion of sustainable and continuous employment opportunities in rural and urban areas across the country.
  • Giving a provision to establish and generate a micro-enterprises for employment generation.
  • Smooth and easy flow of credit to the micro sector by facilitating the participation of financial institutions.
  • To increase the need for raw materials generated by small scale industries to high scale industries.

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