Science is one of the subjects that we study in schools along with other subjects that help us in understanding what is the reason behind everyday activities. These activities can be put into questions such as what makes the sun rise and set every day, what happens after we chew and swallow the food, etc. Or a very basic question like how are we alive?

So it is understood that our lives revolve around the concepts that are either directly or indirectly related to Science and these concepts make our lives easier.

The type of questions that are covered in this page are either related to space and planets, or to the different types of vegetation that can be found on the earth or questions related to the geography of our earth. 

We understand that when a student starts preparing for any exam or refers to any previous year question papers, the student will find various different types of questions. And might find it difficult to learn what the answers might be. To make this task easy, the page shall help the student find almost all the frequently asked questions along with answers and images, wherever required so as to make the concept understandable.